Meet the... activity sheets!

To accompany my Meet the... books, I've created some activity sheets! Using the info in the books as clues, can you work out the puzzles of the pyramids, or unlock Ceasar's secret?

Click the links below to download and print PDFs and get solving!


Over Hill and Under Hill

One of my most boring hobbies is walking around the woods and taking bad photos of logs and moss. But when I combined them with my recent Lord of the Rings drawings, MAGIC happens!


The Lord of the Rings

Another wild weekend resulted in me drawing a load of Tolkein-ish characters!


She still impresses with her wide array of flabby shapes.

All work and no play...

I've been super busy on my (re)debut picture books recently, and finally I'm beginning to see what The Shining was all about.


Recent sketch of the greatest vampire I've ever known.