English Folklore is the scariest folklore.

Each May Day in Padstow, Cornwall, a crowd chases the cavorting 'Obby 'Oss around the town as it tries to catch young maidens.

Black Shuck, the devil's dog, roams the countryside of East Anglia. To gaze into his single fiery eye is to face certain death, or illness, or actually be fine depending on who you ask. Tales of Old Shuck date back to the vikings, and he's the inspiration for a very famous hound.

In Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire, a man or boy was selected on Plough Tuesday to become the Straw Bear. Led by his handler, the bear would march from house to house and made to dance in exchange for gifts of money, food or beer.


Just some scary tales and terrifying traditions from these ghastly isles.