Recent sketch of the greatest vampire I've ever known.

Shoes Too Small

A series about getting shoes that are too small. It's a big problem in my life.

Easter for Penguin

I was really happy to be asked to illustrate the Easter campaign for Penguin this year! Over the weekend, four images for four Spring-related quotes went out over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Had a bit of a play with these things, and think they came out okay! Flowers are fairly tedious to draw though.

Not dead, just writing...

I'm sorry I've not been posting much art recently, I've been writing and illustrating TOP SECRET things for next year ;)


Quite late in life (I'm 32 now, a prodigious age) I've become a bit of a comic book guy. Alone, with a cat. OH NO.


CAT DAD - Now in zine form!

A few weeks ago I got a new cat, Audrey. In the time running up to that, and ever since, I've been SUPER EXCITED! I love that kid.

I've done tons of drawings about my aspirations and responsibilities as a new cat dad, and collected some of them in this little zine. From her first bike ride to learning to spell, these are the basics of cat parenthood.

It's A6 sized, 8 pages long, and printed on cool uncoated 140g recycled paper. Very limited run of 50, all numbered!

All proceeds go to my cat.


You can buy them here!: http://catdad.bigcartel.com/